Tuesday, September 27, 2011


So this blog thing is something I've tried a couple times before. First was back in the xanga days, when I wrote about my 12-year-old life and how my sisters were apparently my enemies. Now I'm 20 and I know my sisters are pretty awesome, so this blog should be mature, for the most part. Then I tried again about a year ago, but I ran out of time and inspiration. I'm hoping this time will stick.

Speaking of activities that I hope will stick, part of the reason I think this blogging thing will work out is because I've been running since mid March. I just ran my first big road race this past Saturday, so I feel like I can call myself a runner, so why not a blogger?

But I digress. I'm not very good at talking about myself and all that touchy feely stuff. This is my attempt to loosen up a bit in that regard. You'll notice the title of this blog is SRC IRL. The SRC are my initials, and the IRL stands for in real life. Clever, right? So this will be just a little bit of my opinion about things I've noticed or concerned about. I hope that any readers who agree or disagree will feel free to chime in. Civility and g-rated language is a requirement though.

I reckon I oughta say a little bit about how I define myself, so ya'll can understand where I'm coming from. I've moved around for most of my life, although I've been settled in my current location for 8 years now. I am a pre-service teacher at IPFW, shooting to be a math teacher by Fall of 2012. I work at a carwash, where I wear a shirt and tie and try to keep people happy by cleaning the outside of their car. Running is a highlight of every day that I do it. I also enjoy tennis. I'm the college-aged guy who lives in his parents' basement. My little brother, Squinky, is the comic relief of my home life, and my two older sisters, Blondie and Boston are the primary advice-givers for life and such, because they're older than me. I try to fill the same role for Squinky.

Whew. If you've made it this far, congrats! Any questions? Good. Join me next time while I discuss teaching.

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